"Solstice eve 2017"

by teglin

December 25, 2017


it was a night we can all remember

that solstice eve on 20 december

the tree -- decorated with splendid lites

been so long since we've had a night

shhh! do not make a sound =)

put these presents here tied and bound

with a little black bow

outside there are blankets of snow

what could be better than this set and setting?

for new experiences, no regretting!

the lites have been set to 110 percent

all year i have been waiting, i torment

over the decisions the loss the anticipation

no waiting it's time to punish the neoliberal corporation

with such great force, with such great devastation

the bourgeoisie surrenders to the proletariat's domination!

--there is no escape from the vampires you have created--

interruption of capital flow, a disconnection

capitalism is null, its entrails left for inspection

by historians but not the working class

who together ascend to anarchosyndicalism en masse


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